Trusting the process..


I am working hard to create a presentation for two wonderful people tomorrow. I struggle with feeling prepared enough because I want to present the best possible product to my clients.
This mindset offers me at least two actions. This can mobilize me with energy to create greatness, to truly let creativity flow.
The second action for me is a feeling of being immobilized by fear and perception of my capabilities. This poor form of ego robs me of staying in the moment. It can take over almost like an imposter deciding my fate. ” I can’t do it” ” they won’t like my work” etc…
This madness is a vail of delusion! I work hard and do the best I can every day!
So when I sit at my desk and look at my computer screen I try to sympathize with my human blunders. That this is just a moment and I will try to have compassion for my insecure self. When I do this, suddenly I remember all the success and happiness our work has brought to peoples lives. That all of our clients are happy with our services.

So in the end “fear” is really just an acronym…
F – False
E- Evidence
A- Appearing
R- Real


Spring will come..

Outside my door, March is creeping out of the snow mound uncertain if it is too early…
With spring right around the corner , we begin to ready ourselves for the first installation of the season.
This particular site is on a Vancouver Island, Columbia Beach.

Located between Parksville and Qualicum, Columbia Beach hosts a small ferry terminal and has a salt water marshes full of life.  The area has older residences and newer developments.  Local feedback indicates that many people are concerned about the erosion in the area, so much so that it has effected development standards within the region.  The community is moderate density with standard suburban lot sizes. Beach access is easy and many homes are water front.

The soil is a mixture of native parent material and imported material of silt, clay, and sand – depending on where you reside. The stages of development have left some sites with good natural soil, and others have a lot of imported material from the housing development. The site we are working on has a lot of waste material of sand, silt, with little organic matter.  It is a severe site due to location, exposure and local ecology.

Our task is too turn an unused berm into an usable space that can will increase biodiversity.

Look for photos soon!

We will start this project March 10 2014!