Our newest Installation!

We had the pleasure of working in Columbia Beach B.C. (French Creek area) for the past three weeks. The Herring Spawn takes place this time every year, it adorns us with life around the oceanside communities on Vancouver Island BC. This year we had the pleasure of having a very active wildlife around us, some times it was hard to stay focused, and other times it was exactly what we needed to keep us motivated!
For us, wildlife/sea life has a way of keeping us in a healthy perspective, and we wanted to honor that by creating a landscape that would offer birds food, reptiles sanctuary, and rabbits….. a place to hop on by 🙂
We had many design contraints; we had the oceanic issues, the slope of the landscape, no irrigation, privacy issues, and no soil to work with!
So! We worked through the design process and we continued to have a dynamic approach to rising issues throughout the installation. At the end of the three weeks this is what we accomplished….

Click Here for before and after photos with a brief description of the site.

photo 1 photo 3

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